Sage is a beautiful, serine colour for a winter wedding. It works beautifully alongside the whites and creams that the season provides. It can be coupled with golds, deep purples, or even black, or can be left just as it is, in its natural state, looking like an extension of the natural underfoot and above.

The best thing about opting for sage is that a lot of your decor can come from foliage. Foliage is incredibly versatile in terms of décor. You can manipulate it any way you like; it looks equally as effective when simply lain on the wedding tables, in a very natural approach, as it does when creating large displays such as foliage arches and hand tie bouquets. Foliage works incredibly well for outfit accessorising too. For example, the bride could have a crown made of eucalyptus and fern and the men’s button holes could include a whole host of varieties, even mini succulents, all in a gorgeous sage.