Your wedding day flowers don't have to be plucked from the bush or florist's store room the morning of your wedding. Silk flowers are growing in popularity with weddings throughout the seasons and it's easy to see why.

So what are the main reasons for opting for silk flowers?

1. Cost

The cost of silk flowers is dramatically less than real flowers, especially considering the big blooms. If you are hoping to be extremely thrifty for your wedding, then you can even consider selling the flowers on after your big day to make some of the money back.

2. Colours

If you are very specific on your colour scheme and it is a certain time of year when you won't be able to get certain flowers or colours, then opting for the silk variety lefts you have complete choice.

3. Extensive Decor

If you have a big venue or have big plans in mind for decorations, then going down the silk route has its big advantages. Firstly, they can be constructed prior to the day itself - real flowers would have to get put in place the day of the wedding - which often helps with the cost.

4. Posterity

Silk flowers can easily be kept for posterity, whereas, unless you treat your real flowers, such as drying them, you won't be able to keep your chosen blooms. This can be lovely to show family and children in the future.

5. Gifting

I had flower crowns at my wedding for my bridesmaids and these were then theirs to keep afterwards. It was a lovely touch and sweet gift that would remind them of the day and them being a special part in the wedding but also a fun item to enjoy wearing in the future.