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Colour Inspiration: Orchid

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An orchid-colour wedding would really take your guest’s breaths away. It is such a gorgeous shade and can really be used at any time of year, looking especially magical set against candlelight and a bit of shimmer.

What wedding season would best suit orchid? As I say with all our colour palettes, if you like a colour then rock it at any time of the year. If I had to pick one season, then I would say that winter – with its dark foliage and other velvet shades – would play an excellent host! However, as with most colour combinations, all you need to do is to team it with lighter greens in your bouquet and maybe a softer, secondary colour and it will fit in anytime perfectly.

Orchid comes into its own at weddings when combined with its different hues. For example, an ombre orchid wedding cake – I think this might have been the first time I’ve seen one of these, but already I’m in love! – looks all the more dramatic for being shades of this one, main colour. With flowers, from bouquets to table arrangements, the same effect can be had with a collection of different blooms all in orchid shades.

The most striking colour to combine orchid with is gold. An adaption, of sorts, of gold for the more nature, rustic wedding is combining it with wood. So, for example, where you could have a gold vase, or gold glitter, opt instead for natural wooden boards and accessories, twine and burlap. However you decide to present hues of orchid, though, the rest will be nothing short of spectacular. 


Holly Sophia Howard is a freelance writer who loves interior design, being by the sea and anything and everything to do with weddings.

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