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Traditional Wedding Touches

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Even if formal weddings aren't your style, you can still include traditional touches in your big day. You don't have to be married in a church or even wear a white dress to implement some of these sweet touches on your wedding day.

Procession / Wedding March

One of the biggest moments of a wedding for the bride is walking down the aisle, not only for the bride herself but for her father, too. You can easily create your own aisle wherever you get married; whether these be pebbles on a beach or lines of chairs on some grass.


Vows are one of the highlights when you think of a wedding ceremony. It's the part that guests get excited; hearing their family member or friend declaring themselves to their new husband / wife. Vows can be super personal and so there are definitely options.

Wedding Breakfast

Guests need feeding! Whether you have a lunchtime wedding or just an evening ceremony, at some point in the day you'll have to think about food. If the traditional sit down isn't your thing, how about a buffet or hog roast?

Toasts / Speeches

The guests always look forward to the toasts and speeches. By no means do you have to include these in your wedding, but they are a traditional touch and a lovely way of saying a few thank you's. There's all different ways in which to say your thank you's, so have a browse online if you fancy going above and beyond the usual cue cards!

Wedding Cake

A traditional three-tiered cake looks so at home at a wedding. If you're wondering about style, I'd always say to go traditional; after all, you only have one chance to cut a tiered white cake!


Whatever your wedding set-up, a party atmosphere, especially to bring the day to a close, is loved by guests. It's a celebration after all, so even if you simply gathering the family around after a very casual 'I Do', make sure you have a good play list and a few bottles of something to hand. At the end of the day, whether big white wedding or simple affair, it's a celebration!


Holly Sophia Howard is a freelance writer who loves interior design, being by the sea and anything and everything to do with weddings.

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