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Simple Décor: Paper Lanterns

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Paper lanterns are such a popular decoration choice for weddings and we think they completely deserve their popularity. They are the ultimate décor piece for reasonable price, easy to erect with maximum effect. Whatever your colour scheme and whatever your wedding reception venue and layout, if you’re wondering how to inject some overreaching décor, then consider paper lanterns.

Here are our top 3 ways in which to use paper lanterns for your wedding décor:

Scatter Hang

This is the most popular decoration choice for paper lanterns. Essentially the scatter hang approach is to hang your paper lanterns from the ceiling of your reception venue, be it in a marquee or inside the venue you have chosen, at different heights and different spacing. This gives a lovely canopy effect under which to eat your wedding breakfast and to dance the night away. This method is equally effective if you choose the same colour lanterns of if there is a colour theme.

Cluster Hang

Our second favourite option for paper lanterns is to hang them in clusters about your reception venue. This can be from the ceiling free hanging or draped down the wall in certain corners. The idea here is that the lanterns are clustered together – using different sizes of lanterns works a treat here – to create a cascading effect. The most effective way of displaying them like this would be to have them cascading all the way to the floor in certain areas, like a lantern shaped waterfall!

Entrance Cluster

If you are feeling up to the task, our third and probably most impressive use of lanterns is constructing them into the entrance of your wedding venue. Now, this doesn’t have to be free standing. Usually the best way of constructing this incredible entrance is to create it around the door frame or the entrance to your marquee whether there is a vertical frame. This way they can be fastened onto the frame.


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