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Pretty Wedding Polka Dots

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Mad on polka dots? Wondering how to include your favourite pattern into your big day? Even though polka dots aren’t subtle themselves, they can be given the wedding once over to make a fantastic ‘theme’ for your big day. You certainly don’t need to wear a spotty dress to have this fantastic pattern a part of your wedding.

INVITATIONS– Include polka dots into your wedding invitations. These can either be printed all over or you can design them so there are clusters of spots in diagonal corners. Set your polka dot theme by including them in your invitations. 

OUTFITS – Wedding outfits are a hard one. If you don’t want to push the theme too hard then add subtle polka dot hints such as the groom ties or fabric around the bouquet stems. Polka dot bridesmaid dresses are a really fun way to go. Again, these don’t have to be too bold, you can mix similar shades, such as beige and cream and then the spots are just a subtle pattern on the dress rather than defining it.

DECOR – Your wedding decorations are where you can get creative with polka dots. You can always leave the polka dots solely to the décor and again add in subtle items. Tea lights, bunting, even table cloths are all great ways to include this fun pattern into your wedding day.


Holly Sophia Howard is a freelance writer who loves interior design, being by the sea and anything and everything to do with weddings.

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