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Sand Between Your Toes Weddings

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You can’t wish for a more beautiful beach wedding destination than Cyprus. Beach weddings are almost dreamlike; the sand between your toes with just the horizon and your selection of guests watching you say ‘I Do’.

There are many levels of beach weddings. You have those that are held at a beach location – either overlooking the coast or just off the beach – and those that are held on a beach itself. It is very likely that with both of these options, the reception itself will be held off the beach as it is too tricky with rights and tides etc. to have the whole event on the beach.

Beach weddings are ideal if you are looking at a smaller, more intimate wedding. This keeps the planning simple and the overall feel stay relaxed and bohemian. You keep things as simple as you like, with some couples simply setting out chairs for their guests and nothing more. A lot of couples choose to have an altar, which makes a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony itself and for wedding photos. This can be made out of flowers, or fabric or just some simple driftwood.

You can also create an aisle from some fabric or flower petals or stones and recreate pew ends as you would see in a church which again could be fabric or flowers. Altar or not, most couples tend to have the sea as their backdrop and creating an aisle from the guest chairs. Other than that it is completely up to you!


Holly Sophia Howard is a freelance writer who loves interior design, being by the sea and anything and everything to do with weddings.

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