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Luggage Tags

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Luggage tags are one of the cheapest and most versatile wedding décor choices around. There is almost nothing they can’t be used for and experimenting with ideas is oh so fun! Whatever your wedding theme, whatever the time of year of day of the week, you’ll be able to make luggage tags work for you.

Save the Dates – Luggage tags for Save the Dates are perfect. They’re cheap, concise and you can have so much design fun with them. You can even get stamps designed to fit onto the luggage tag.

Table Numbers – How about tying a luggage tag around the neck of your table centrepiece with the table number on it? If you’ve got jam jars or something similar, this looks even better as the style goes hand in hand.

Favour Names – If you’re having favours, and it works out well design-wise, why not have luggage labels incorporated into them? This could look great if you’re having some kind of bottle for a favour – such as a little bottle of alcohol or olive oil – and equally if you are creating some kind of jam jar DIY favour such as jams and sweets.

Wedding Labels – There are so many instances where you’ll need labels of some sort. Whether it’s describing what kind of drinks you have on offer at the bar or using it to describe some other kind of decoration you’ve created and used for the toast or similar. 


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