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Our Guide to Wedding Roses

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Roses are the quintessential wedding flower. They are favoured time and time again alongside other blooms in bouquets, button holes, centerpieces and more. Not only do roses look the part, and everything in between, but they are incredibly versatile and most can be sourced all year round.

The colours you choose and the blooms that are available might differ by season slightly, so here is our little rose guide on the four seasons and what roses you can expect to find and shades that might work well in your colour palette.


For a springtime wedding you can use light and floaty shades of roses. They can be your pastels and light colours, interwoven with some grey or light green foliage. The blooms themselves can be whatever you choose, of course, but in spring, large rose heads survive a little better during the day in the cooler weather.

Rose Almas – a beautiful salmon coloured rose with a hint of yellow in its centre.
Rose Vuvuzela – a flamboyant pink and coral rose, absolutely gorgeous.
Rose Ilios – yellow and bright for a springtime wedding.
Rose Memory Lane – a subtle light purple, perfect for coupling with other pastel shades.


The colours are either brighter or paler depending on what look you go for with a summer wedding. Rusty pinks and light greens or hot pinks teamed with other shades make for attractive summer bouquets and centrepieces.

Rose Gravity – like summer itself; like green edge with a light pink centre. Gorgeous!
Rose Spray Mimi Eden – a dash of bright pink in this multi-headed variety.
Keira Rose – the palest of pinks for this fluffy David Austin rose.


Autumn roses follow the shade of the season itself; varying orange hues and shades of yellow. Team these with other flowers of similar shades and dark green foliage and you will get an atmospheric flower combination.

Rose Arancio – a mid-colour orange, perfect for pairing with other autumn shades.
Rose Spray Good Peach – a gorgeous peach shade on this multi-headed variety.
Rose Cosima – hues of yellow and orange in this deliciously rustic looking bloom.


Winter weddings have the pick of those beautifully deep colours, that at other times of the year would seem too heavy. Dark greens and velvet reds look fantastic at this time of year, especially coupled with some dark green foliage.

Rose Naomi – a dark red bloom, the very essence of winter.
Rose Cappuccino – light brown rose great for coupling with deeper shades.
Rose Spray Precious Moments – deep burgundy / red multi-headed variety.
Rose Darcey – a David Austin rose in deep red.


Holly Sophia Howard is a freelance writer who loves interior design, being by the sea and anything and everything to do with weddings.

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