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Weddings under the Sky

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Celebrating under the stars… It can’t be beaten, can it? Long tables covered with foliage, guests mingling, decanters filled with homemade juices and punches. An outdoor wedding is the thing of dreams, but now we’re into the summer months we’re starting to dream of them once more.

Once you have a location for your outdoor wedding – be it in yours or someone you know’s garden, or rented venue grounds – then you can get started on what makes a wedding under the stars really special.


A marquee is a must, really, unless you can be absolutely sure of the weather. And then, still, it’s quite a good idea to use them as shade cover. There are so many different types of marquee, but the ones we like the most at Getting Married in Cyprus, are the ones with no sides so you still feel a part of the outdoors. These, often, can be constructed without flooring to keep with the natural feel of your wedding. Marquees are fantastic for creating a central point to your wedding; they can be decorated with fairy lights easily – no need to worry that you don’t have enough trees nearby – and people can ebb and flow between here and other parts of your venue throughout the day and evening.

Décor au Naturel 

Using what you have around you with an outdoor wedding pulls the whole day together. For example, use the tree trunks for hanging family photos or a large frame from which guests can take photos of the wedding. If it’s an open space, bring in hay bales covered in fabric for sitting on and place bit cathedral candles around the edge of your venue. Finally, add flowers, lots of them. An outdoor wedding without flowers just wouldn't be right!

Food & Drink

Serving food at an outdoor wedding can be trickier as there is usually a lack of catering facilities. You can either bring these in for your day, or you can opt for a super simple outdoor buffet. Either in the marquee or in the open air, just set out a line of tables with crisp white table cloths and your favourite picnic recipes. Create a homemade bar with Kilner jar dispensers filled with lemonades and punches.


Holly Sophia Howard is a freelance writer who loves interior design, being by the sea and anything and everything to do with weddings.

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